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Monday, November 5, 2012

Mido and Fado Fanfiction teaser chapter

This is the first paragraph of my next fanfiction that will center around what happens to Mido after Saria became the Sage of the Forest. The first real chapter will be up when the fourth chapter for Darunia is up on the story for him. When the chapter is up, it will replace this teaser chapter as Chapter one. To keep up with all the latest updates, follow me on Twitter.

Mido sighed and sat down at his small table. The Kokiri had just finished clearing out the last withering Baba plant and were setting up for the Deku Tree Sprout's ceremony. As leader of the Kokiri, he should be there helping set everything up but his heart wasn't in it.

It had been several days since the forest had become safe, but Saria still had yet to show up. Even Breena, who would have come for aid if there was trouble, hasn't been seen by any of the other fairies.

Puck swooped around Mido's head and said, "Don't feel so bad Mido. Saria saved the forest, the Great Deku Tree Sprout told us so. He even said that Link had helped."

"But neither have returned to the village." Mido said. His house was tall and empty, his cup of water stale in his wooden cup, and the air devoid of any spirit. Mido looked to the small wooden chests he had kept for so long, all six open and empty.

The light from the Kokiri Forest filtered through the doorway and windows blocked only by a passing Kokiri.

"Mido... cheer up. Saria knew what she was doing, and the rest of the Kokiri are safe again. I know you feel bad but things have turned out for the better... Even without Saria."

Mido took a sip from his cup and put his other elbow on the table propping his face with his knuckles. He was about to say something when a soft sound began to drift through the air.

It was soft, yet energizing, at each different note he felt his body want to jump and dance to it. It sounded familiar, yet at the same time completely alien, like a part of him that he never knew was there.

"...A violin?" Puck said after a moment. Mido looked over at his fairy and gave him a questioning look. He shook a bit with nervousness, "I.. don't know how I know that."

"It's beautiful." Mido said, letting the music wash over him, "It sounds like Saria's music, how it makes me... happy." A single tear dropped from his eye as he thought about Saria, then the music seemed to make the pain go away... and took him from his house, far into the forest.

To Be Continued...